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Weekly Order to be delivered by 9/17/18

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What's for Dinner?

Queens Cuizines is a Take and Bake Company started by restaurateur Mary Elizabeth Green, owner of A Peace Of Cake Inc. and Menus Restaurant  & Catering in Charlotte, NC.

Menus' Staff caters Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy lunch program as well as serves breakfast and lunch inhouse.  Menus partners with Foodsby and other delivery companies throughout Charlotte to provide a variety of different cuizines from one place that is authentic and not a chain.  Menu's Staff is educated and trained to cater everything from boxed lunches to weddings and has taken their culinary expertise and passion to the to the family dinner table.

The inspiration behind Queens Cuizines was to provide affordable, delicious "home-cooked-like" meals at a fraction of the cost of eating out while adding hours to life outside of the grocery store and kitchen. Calculating the planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning, people spend over 20 hours a week on meal prep.

What could you do with an extra 20 hours a week?  Spend more time with the kids, work out, work on all of those unfinished projects, love on the grandkids more, visit a local nursing home, the prospect of more time is enticing.

By cooking in large batches, the staff is able to  generate multiple meals in less time and they purchase in bulk so they are able to  pass the savings on to you.

Whether you are a busy mom or dad, a couple, senior citizen, or a single person wanting home-cooked meals or your Meal-Prep for the week tailored to your dietary needs, Queen's CuiZines has you covered.

QC has great packages for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, New Moms, beach house vacations, caterings, etc. 


Daily Specials and Chef's Pot of the Day for eXtra savings and last minute grabs.       


If I could put time in a bottle

Affordable, delivered meals for the week, tailored around your taste buds and dietary needs.  We will save you time and money!

You Can Afford your own Personal Chef

A personal chef for the same amount you already pay in groceries, just like coming home to mamas.